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The Axe Games Tournament

Tier 3 - WATL Sanctioned 

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3 Day Tournament 

Friday - Oct 25th - Big Axe - 5 PM
Saturday - Oct 26th - Amateur Hatchet - 10 AM
Saturday - Oct 26th - Open Hatchet - 4 PM
Sunday - Oct 27th - Duals - 10 AM
Sunday - Oct 27th - Shuriken (Star) Throwing - 3 PM


WATL - Tier 3 Tournament with Hatchet (Advanced and Amatuer), Duals, and Big Axe.  Other side competitions including Shuriken Star Throwing.  We will have up to 12 targets with no countertop interference.  Ceilings are 11 ft. 

WATL Rules

All participants will be required to sign waivers at check-in

Dates: October 25-27, 2024

Arizona Axe Games

1925 S. Sossaman Rd. Suite 110

Mesa, AZ 85209

*50% payout and trophies to top 3 to 4 in each discipline


Registration and Fees

You can register on our website. 

Fees are $70 for amateur hatchet, $90 for open hatchet, $50 per person for duals, $100 for big axe and $25 per person for throwing stars.  All fees except throwing stars include a $5 WATL software fee.  

Location and Airports

This will be the first year of our annual AXE GAMES Tournament located at Arizona Axe Games, 1925 S. Sossaman Rd. Suite 110 in Mesa, AZ.  This location is about 10 miles from Scottsdale which has amazing restaurants and nightlife and 10 miles from Tempe Arizona home of Arizona State University and a vibrant college nightlife.   Other major tourist areas include Phoenix, Gilbert, and Chandler with over 40 breweries within a 15 mile radius.  Gateway international airport is about 10 miles or Phoenix Sky Harbor is about 20 miles.  


Check out our tournament Facebook discussion group for accommodation sharing.   A list of nearby hotels can be found here. 

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