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Axe Throwing Games and Techniques

Looking for Different Games to Play?  We Got You Covered!  Axe throwing is a lot of fun, and it’s even better when you add a little friendly competition to the mix. Check out the following axe throwing games that are sure to make your visit to Arizona Axe Games a very exciting and memorable axe throwing experience.

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Basic Axe Throwing Technique:

  1. Begin by planting both feet on the throwing line, shoulder width apart.

  2. Grip axe like a baseball bat with one hand on the bottom of the handle and dominant hand directly on top.

  3. Extend arms forward, locking wrists, and pointing the blade directly at the ground. Target should be visible just above the butt of the axe.

  4. In one motion, bring axe behind your head while putting weigh on your heels then swing axe back to its starting position putting weight on your toes. Both hands should release the axe at the same time when the axe reaches its starting position perpendicular to your body.

Advanced Axe Throwing Technique:

  1. Plant one foot on the line and one foot back in the fashion of your favorite boxer. Typically the least dominant foot goes forward.

  2. Grip the axe with your dominant hand at the bottom of the handle.

  3. Extend your arm forward, lock your wrist, and line up your target with the butt of the axe.

  4. Keeping your elbow pointed at the target bring the axe back over your shoulder then swing it forward, releasing it in the starting position, all in one motion.

If you’re having issues sticking the axe, here’s some modifications you can make to your throws:

  • If the axe over-rotates adjust distance by moving forward before throwing.

  • If the axe under-rotates adjust distance by stepping back before throwing.

  • If the axe is thrown too high release it later.

  • If the axe is thrown too low release it earlier.

  • If the axe is not thrown straight or hits the target on an angle other than 90 degrees, focus on bringing the axe directly behind your head and releasing directly in front of you. Also focus on releasing both hands at the same time.

  • If the axe is thrown straight and has a proper rotation but doesn’t stick, throw it harder.

  • If you need to throw it harder put one foot forward and one foot back like you’re in a title fight.

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In a typical match, there are 10 throws, alternating throws between competitors.  After ten throws, add up you points to see if you are victorious.

  • 6 points for inner bullseye, 5 points for outer bullseye.

  • The other rings are worth 4, 3, 2, and 1 point.

  • If the axe crosses the black line, the higher point is awarded.

  • The blue balls, also know as "kill shots" are worth 8 points.  You may throw these at any time, but are limited to two throws per match and they must be called in advance.  A hit is worth 8 points.  A miss counts as zero.  

  • If the axe falls before it is safely retrieved, it counts as a drop which is worth zero points.

  • A perfect game is 64 points, the maximum points possible in a match.  

  • If your score 40+ that is good, 50 + is great, you are ready for competitive leagues and regional competitions! 60+ is amazing!  you are ready for world competitions!!

Axe Throwing Games


Number of Players: 2+ 

Objective: Hit each area of the target three times. The first to do so wins!

When playing Cricket, players usually need to hit the “0,” “1,” “2,” "3," "4," "5," bullseye ("6") and kill shot ("8"). Each time you successfully hit an area, you can place a mark next to that area on the scoreboard. Once you’ve hit an area three times, you can cross it off. The winner is the player or team that crosses off all the areas first.

Zombies vs Humans 

Number of Players: 2+ 

Objective: Add players to your team by converting them into zombies or humans

This game has several variations, but the overall goal is the same. Players are divided up into teams of humans and zombies (in some variations, there is only one zombie at the beginning). Humans score positive points, while zombie throws deduct that number of points from the score. Each round, two players go head-to-head. When the number of points together results in a negative number, the zombie team can convert one human into a zombie. If humans come out ahead, they can “cure” a zombie. The game continues until humans save the world, or it’s overrun by zombies. 

Around the World 

Number of Players: 2+

Objective: Hit every area of the board in order — starting from the outside to the inside, and then back out again.


Take turns throwing the axe. Start by aiming for the “0.” Once you’ve successfully hit it, aim for the “1,” "2," "3," "4," "5," bullseye ("6") and killshot ("8").  If you miss, wait until your next turn and continue where you left off. The first to hit the final “0” wins!


Number of Players: 2+

Objective: Reach 21 points before your opponent 


In order to win this game, you take turns throwing the axe at the target. Continue to tally your points until you reach 21 — but there’s a twist. In order to win, you must get exactly 21 points. That means, if your final throw gives you higher than 21 points, you’ll have to wait until your next turn to try again.

Blackjack ♠️

Number of Players: 2+ 

Objective: Get the closest number of points to 21 without busting

Each team has 10 throws to reach 21 points. The most challenging part of the game is that if you go over 21 points, your team busts, and you’re out. This game also requires your axe to land completely in one scoring zone. If the blade is partially in two zones, you receive a zero. Even worse, if you drop your axe, you automatically lose four points.


Number of Players: 2+ 

Objective: Reach 50 points before your opponent

When playing landmines, players take turns throwing the axe at the board. Continue to tally your points, but beware of the landmines that pepper the board. Before the game begins, choose which numbers will be the landmines (teams usually pick multiples of 10, like 15, 25, 35, and 45). Then, every ten points, these landmines become “active,” and if you hit one, your team automatically loses 10 points. For example, if your team has 14 points, and you hit a 1, that means you receive 15 points, which is a landmine. This causes you to lose 10 points instantly, leaving you with a score of 5.


Number of Players: 2+ 

Objective: Reach 21 points first

Players take turns throwing the axe, one round at a time. In the first round, one player from Team A and one player from Team B each throws the axe. The lower score is subtracted from the higher score. The higher-scoring team is awarded the difference. The game continues until one team reaches 21 points. 


Number of Players: 2+ 

Objective: Make your opponent spell “Timber” first

Much like the driveway basketball game, this version calls for teams to go head-to-head. The first player from each team throws the axe. The player with the lower score receives a “T.” The game continues until one team spells “Timber,” and is ultimately defeated. Mix things up by spelling different words or adding new rules to complicate things for each team.
There are countless variations to each game, and part of the fun is making it your own.

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